My Happiness Project for January 2013

Hello, in this month of January 2013, what is in my happiness project?

I will be measuring five things this month.

1. Be more considerate of others: timeliness, respect of plans, expressing gratitude, actively listening to those that are closest to me.

2. Budgeting: It will not make me happy but it will increase my feeling of control which will decrease my stress levels.

3. Karate: I want to start a karate course to increase my natural combativeness level, to learn to protect myself more and again to increase the level of control I have (over my body, over situations)

4.  Strengthen existing relationships: pick up the phone more to call friends and family, check-in more regularly and do more activities with my friends.

5. Keep a diary 

6. Implement the daily habit of:

1. Wake up at 5h30 every morning
2. Sun Salutation every morning before work (stress relief and focus):
Month 1 of the yoga book morning
3. After yoga in the morning, drink a tall glass of water (not coffee)
4. Then have your morning breakfast
5. Followed by coffee
6. Take a morning break
7. Take a walk outside at lunch
8. Don’t work through lunch
9. Take an afternoon break
10. Eat a light dinner
11. Soothing tea at night while drawing (a bird, a mushroom, etc.)
12. Sun Salutation every night before bed (stress relief and focus):
Month 1 of the yoga book morning and night
13. Write down physical activity in a log so that I might be tempted to improve on my progress daily
14. Walk outside every day
15. Go to bed at 9h30 every night
16. Spend 10 minutes tidying up daily
17. Keep bedroom 2 degrees cooler
18. Give Ben a massage for 15 minutes
19. Cuddle with Emilie for 15 minutes
20. No alcohol

What’s in your Happiness Project?

Blue Bird from Happiness project Book


14 thoughts on “My Happiness Project for January 2013

  1. I boil water in the morning I wait a few minutes before pouring, and have a cup of hot water first thing in the morning. The hot drink is good for the body.
    My newest happiness project is balance. I am sportin the New Balance shoes and brushing my teeth on one leg. It will help my ankle heal from its injury. Things keep getting better, thank God.

  2. Well it is ‘recovered’, but it is not 100% yet. I do a lot of walking and physical work so I like it to be 100%. Balancing is key, it is fun too. The ankle injury is work related.

  3. I love your Happiness Project! I have similar “projet,” though not quite as detailed. You have inspired me to put it down on paper! Thanks, Marie-Claude!
    If you need a walking partner once in a while at lunchtime, let me know. 🙂
    Maria (your friendly Editor)

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