The Happiness Project, Book Review

For the past few months, I felt I was lost.
I could not quite remember who I was. Things I liked stopped being interesting.
I was in complete identity crisis mode.
Then, when I was looking into self-help books about identity, I came across the concept of happiness.
I started questioning: “Am I happy?” and “What does it mean to be happy”
Amazon recommended this book on happiness and I had to try it.
I downloaded the preview on kindle (2 chapters for free) and then went on to get the paper copy at the store.

The top things I like about this book is:
1. It’s not preachy (it’s one woman’s tale about her happiness project throughout the course of a year, if there are gems in there that work for you, good, if not, too bad)
2. It’s authentic (Gretchen Rubin is very honest about herself and her flaws)

In this book, Gretchen implements 33 changes in her life at the rate of three new things per month. Some are major, some have a beginning and an end like a new project while some are small things that just contribute to people’s happiness. I loved this book so much that I’m starting my own Happiness Project, my husband is doing the same and even my mom is starting her own version.

Increasing your happiness level is feasible and sometimes, it’s the accumulation of small things that will make the biggest difference. Get this book today and prepare to be a happier, stronger, more well balanced version of you.

The Happiness Project Cover


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