The Real Test Starts Today

Today, is the first day back in cubiculeland.
Today is the real test. Will I maintain my happiness project through work imperatives?
This morning, I started my day with yoga. It felt like a good start to the day.
The only issue: during relaxation, at 5h50 AM, I almost fell asleep. So, it’s important to do an active relaxation very focused in the now. Counting sheep should not be considered an option for a meditation technique.


2 thoughts on “The Real Test Starts Today

  1. Today, i woke up at midnight, then 2am, then 3h30 and stayed up with my 10 month old watching her laugh, cry, pout and do everything but sleep. Oh how i miss my sleeper days. You and i are worlds a part lol. You’ve well deserved your relaxation mornings, you’ve been through this yourself., we are now mom’s and have this in common. Keep it up. You’re on the road of a better you, a happier you. I believe in you. …..ok….my checkmark is done!!!!!! Lol. Love u.

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