The challenge of going to bed at 09h30

So, my happiness project includes giving myself more time for sleep. I’m supposed to get 8 hours of sleep daily which means I need to go to bed at 09h30 am if I want to be awake at 05h30 AM in order to do my morning yoga. But if you get home at 06h00 and you want to make dinner, give the kids a bath, bathe, go for a walk, eat, play a board game and draw with your kids, that 09h30 creeps up on you so fast it gives you whiplash. 


My question is: How do you guys do it? Do you have time crunching techniques? What are your tried and true techniques? Do you get your solid 8 hours of sleep per night? 

2 thoughts on “The challenge of going to bed at 09h30

  1. I take public transportation most of the time. I love to walk, but I do not carry 18L jugs of water on the bus yet. I shop a little each day, and on ‘car days’ I go touring to harder to get at places. Not always, I can dedicate a day to go to a far out place and walk there and back and to the bus and metro. If another day I want to swim, I will that day but I will not force myself to swim because I can use my will power to clean or do dishes or stand on one leg (for balance). I see my life like a dance: two steps ahead and one step back. Dos pasos delante, un paso detras. (or something like that!) When you push it too much you can create stress. That is why I see it as a dance, to show progress as well as flexibility.

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