How to Master the 09h30 Sleep Time?

I’ve been telling you all week about how tough it is to go to bed at 09h30 PM but how absolutely critical it is to aim to get those 8 hours of solid zz’s per night.

Now, to add to the difficulty, I practice Karate two nights a week and the class finishes at 09 PM. Actually, my husband, Greg, and I have started practicing karate and it’s been great. I was able to beat him with a stick this week. I just whacked and whacked. 

As a project manager, most of my life circles around milestones and schedules and budgets. My home life is no different.  One of the best tools I have in my work life is the concept of a buffer. You introduce some lag in a project which gives you more leg room to meet the dates. Because being late is extremely career limiting. So, I thought, why not buffer my sleep schedule. 

So, the real sleep time needs to be before 10 PM. Lights out at 10 is the hard and fast rule. Then, you actually works towards going to bed at 9h30. If you don’t make the 09h30, you don’t need to beat yourself up for it because you’re still clocking in before 10. When I’m in bed before 09h30, I feel I’ve exceeded expectations. 

Another way of looking at this new vision of before 10 is to adapt my goal to be a bit more realistic. I’m increasing the likelihood of success. 

If I’m sleeping before 10, I’m very rested in the morning and ready to face whichever crisis life can throw at me. Now, life, I am not daring you to do your worst. It’s a figure of speech. 

Therefore, my happiness project now states that the sleep time needs to be before 10. I’ve adjusted my happiness project somewhat due to work and life constraints. I’ve set it to something I can comply with most of the time. 

Ps: I want to thank Pablo Pardo for reminding me that I had not informed you about the progress of my 8 hours of sleep attempts. 

ps2: I can’t wait to talk about my karate experiences with you. Look for that soon. 


2 thoughts on “How to Master the 09h30 Sleep Time?

  1. I also have trouble sleeping “on time” and getting that 8 hours of sleep. That’s why it seems that my dark circles don’t want to leave my face.

    Wow, you do karate? I am taking MMA (mixed martial arts) lessons for a few months now.

    • Hi Monica,

      If you are also trying to get the solid 8 hours, do you have tips to share of things that have worked best? How are you enjoying the mixed martial arts? Do you enjoy the changes to your body? Do you feel stronger as a person?

      You seem fascinating. Please keep in touch.

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