After a week of Happiness project, what’s My Status?

For those of you that know me, you surely know that I do not do things lightly. I either go full tilt or not at all. There’s no in-between. (This is something I’m trying to change but it’s not the first priority which is why I did not add it to month 1 of my happiness project. My kids have their own happiness project, the family has its happiness project, our couple has a happiness project as well as my husband and I each having our own happiness project. This means that every day we measure …wait for it…40 things. 

This is beyond the scope of what anyone can hope to accomplish. In a way, it contributes to a little bit of stress. However, the fact that we measure them serves as a reminder. Did we do enough as a family, as a couple and as an individual to ensure our optimal happiness level? 

Again, trust a project manager to establish Key Performance Indicators for family happiness. It’s absolutely batty. 

But it works. 

And here’s why. 

I did my yoga almost every day (except one day after a really late night), I did not watch TV, I did lots more physical activity. As a family, we drew some mandalas, we played some board games and we went to karate. As a couple, we went for walks outside and we shared the household chores more evenly. I have a bit of a confession to make on the household chores front, my husband typically does his share, I tend to fall behind. We typically got between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep per night. The meals were more balanced and everyone felt great after dinner. My daughter loves her happiness project. It has pushed her to help more around the house, to remind herself that she needs to read a little every day and that she needs to play outside. My son was not as keen (we might tweak the project’s somewhat to make them more palatable and reachable) but he likes the fact that he gets a nightly massage before bed and that makes up for the more mandatory activities on his project such as reading and household chores.

Now, here’s the lesson learned for week 1: the objectives should not be so specific. As an example, as a couple, we’re supposed to play Scrabble (it’s nerdy but I love Scrabble and Boggle and all these word games.) Well, we played a card game together. So, the target should be games instead of Scrabble. In terms of staying in touch with friends, it’s a great objective but should not be measured daily because calling your friends on a week night might not be easy to accomplish with your goal of going to bed before a specific hour. My project on working on my idea for a book is also very strict, I’d rather have writing as a happiness project. The writing would work for my blog as well as my book idea. 


My revised updated Happiness Project for myself: 



-Morning Yoga and sleep before 10

-Staying within budget (now that my budget has been established) 

-Be more active (karate, walks outside, floor exercises, dance DVD, etc.) 

-Be more communicative (talk to friends, express your needs, stay in touch with family) 

The revised updated Happiness Project for the couple: 

-Be more active (karate, walks outside, floor exercises, dance DVD, etc.) 

-Be more playful (games) 

-Be creative (work on the blog together, etc.) 

-Get out of the house (dates, walks outside, spend time together not managing household or family) 

The tweaks to the happiness projects are very promising as they bring us back to the true goals we seek to accomplish while giving a little flexibility in terms of the how this is accomplished. 

Am I happier? I feel more balanced and rested, stronger and self assured. I feel like I am better able to juggle all aspects of my life (career, family life, relationship, individual growth and progression) I feel like I am in the driver’s seat of my life. I’ve deepened my relationships with friends. I feel like I communicate much better with those around me. I manage my stress better. And yes, I am happier. Busier but happier. My family also seems much happier. 

How about you? Did you start tracking your progress? Did you build your happiness project yet? Did you meet your goals? How compliant were you? Did your project make you happier or less happy? 


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