I gave up on Eat, Pray, Love

I used to have this rule. I would always give a book at least 150 pages before determining whether I wanted to finish a book or not. It is my way of giving the author a chance. I let myself become submerged in the universe of a book before determining whether it’s RTE or not. I just made up a new milestone. Read Till End.

I do not know if it is because I am a project manager but I do seem intend on making everything I do into a project. Projects keep us happy. Projects give us something to look forward to. But, in my world, projects have milestones, a budget and a schedule.

So, I wanted to read about a person’s journey after a divorce. It sounds awesome to go to India, Indonesia and Italy. But your pain follows you there as well. I have read 98 pages and feel that I will fail the RTE milestone.

I have since read 1.5 books.

In order to be happy, I need to be so immersed in a book that I would do nothing else. That i will steal every single second I can get to read a few pages more. The problem is that this occurs very rarely. But, my new resolution is, if I’m reading a book that I just leave lying there for days on end without actually being tempted to read more, I should just open a new book and hope that I will fall passionately in love with the story. If not, I hope I will like it enough to read a little every day.

When I read a good book, my life is more balanced. I am less stressed.

I remember the hunger games, how i read the three books in one week. Sweet literary ambrosia.

Do you have books to recommend? Does reading also help you manage stress? Is it the perfect escape from life’s pesky concerns? If not, how do you escape?

Ps: Today, my beautifully strong-minded daughter starts karate. I am extremely excited to see her in action.


8 thoughts on “I gave up on Eat, Pray, Love

  1. I remember going to the cinema and seeing the trailer for the film and thinking I must read the book! But most reviews are quite sceptical of it so as of yet I haven’t bothered.
    Meg Cabot is my reading choice for something funny and quick or at the author end of the spectrum a good gory Richard Montanari.

  2. I had the same experience with “50 shades of grey”…Still sitting on the shelf gathering dust, can’t finish which for some reason suprprised many women I know :))). I recommend “Vanished” by Meg Cabot, 2 books. My 15 year old daughter recommended it and I reallly liked it.

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