The Saturday Morning Routine and Pantone


Every Saturday morning, I read the paper. I read La Presse. I read it every day but on Saturday’s, it is a source of great joy. I always discover something new. Something I want to read up on, some place I want to go eat, some recipe I absolutely want to try or an article I need to buy as well as more often than not, a new place I want to visit.

Today’s discovery is Pantone colours and the Pantone hotel in Brussels.


I will spend big chunks of my day looking up pantone on Stumble Upon and on tumblr. I will discover new blogs to follow.

Why has this intrigued me so much?

The land around me is blanketed in white due to the winter weather. The colours around me are more muted. I long for the vibrancy of summer colours with their deep greens and reds. Pantone colours are a fuel injection of hues.

If i were my husband, I would run for the hills because this mood would lead me to repaint the whole house. Well, to want the whole house repainted while I play board games with the kids.

Do you also miss the vibrant colours? Are you sick of the cold? Do you have a sour e of creative inspiration on Saturday mornings?

May your day be filled with varied tones. I want you to bathe in oceans of yellows and oranges, purples, reds, indigos. But, no pastels, no whites, just raw splashes of deep tones.

I will leave you with Pantone 377 C. Look it up. Tell me what you think.

In the same vein of thought, I will be making pomegranate salsa. Colourful and very summery.


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