An homage from My Husband in Honour of My Birthday

I turned 36 this week.
It’s a big number isn’t it?

I have known my husband for 18 years which is half my life.
He has stood by me through thick and thin.

The fact that he chose to make this video humbles me. It is such a great proof of love.

Each picture has been lovingly selected and filtered with Instagram. I share this with you because of all the hard work that was put into it, because of its beauty and as a way of saying Thank You Greg. You are the true diamond, not I.

After having viewed the video, can you guess how many hair colors I have had? For me, nothing beats hair therapy.

As a show of appreciation for my husband’s hard work, please like this post. He is the artist behind cooksploratrice. So let’s all take a moment to like my husband Greg, AKA the Producer AKA Gee Bone. I know I like him a great deal and I am proud to be in his life. I love you Greg for everything that you do including this lovely video.


One thought on “An homage from My Husband in Honour of My Birthday

  1. Thanks but I doesn’t deserve this kind of credit, not anymore. I had the chance to cherish wonderful moments with you but I make you run away, I scared you off. I’m so sorry that was never my intention. I believe I can change and be the new Greg 38.0. Let me prove it to you and to the rest of the world.

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