Second karate ribbon yippee!

Every Tuesday and Thursday night’s, the cooksploratrice household goes to karate. Tonight, I got to strangle my husband. And he got to strangle me. It was a great workout with plenty of pushups, burpies, jumping jacks and jumping kicks.

What I am most proud of is the progress we have made in less than a month. And the teachers were nice enough to recognize it. I was awarded my second ribbon towards my white yellow belt. I now have the kata ribbon as well as the technique ribbon. I need the discipline one and the ready for the exam belt to take the white yellow belt exam.

I love the fact that I have a target that is not to lose X quantity of pounds but rather to earn a black belt for myself. It is a lot more fun than counting calories.


And ladies, doing karate as a couple is great therapy. You really get to kick his ass. And then you get to laugh about it together.

Tell me. Which activities do you do as a couple? Do you take courses together? Let us discuss.

Ps: if you see me down the hall, it is totally ok to congratulate me on my second ribbon. I am very proud.
Ps2: Greg, aka the producer, was awarded the kata ribbon tonight and he should be proud, it is well deserved.


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