Die Already

I saw the latest die hard movie in theatre’s yesterday. It was so bad that I kept coming up with new titles for the movie. Here are some examples:
1. Do not resuscitate
2. Die already
3. Die die die
4. Die for real
5. Do not come back.

I love the Die Hard movies. I am not a movie snob but this was just so bad. There was no story, no chemistry between the actors, none of the humour normally associated with the Die Hard series.

So, please, vote with your feet. Do not see the movie.

Next week, I will see Beautiful Creatures alone. The first movie I will see alone in my life. I will post my review next Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Die Already

  1. Yippee-kay- yea, this movie was horrible!!! I can’t believe Bruce Willis agree to be part of this movie. I heard that the next one will be with his dog…

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