Ode to the Cloud

Good morning,

I have been more mobile lately. I have no fixed head-quarters. I am in constant migration.

So, my computing requirements are different now. I want to start writing my book. Right now, it will be more like verbal diarrhea than anything formal. I just want to work my writer’s muscle. The question is: “Where do I keep this book”? On a USB key? On a cloud?

I had never understood the merits of cloud computing until now. The cloud follows you everywhere. You can access your cloud from home, from your cell phone, from any work station you happen to be sitting at and this from anywhere around the world. This means that I can write from anywhere. Whether I am in Singapore or in Montreal or in Laval, I have no excuse not to start my book.

Ok! I do have an excuse for the time being. I have no idea how the cloud works. Can anybody offer cloud guidance? Here’s hoping we will have overcast days! (To keep clouds above our heads) I am hilarious!


4 thoughts on “Ode to the Cloud

  1. For cloud document writing, I am a big fan of Google Drive in conjonction with Google docs. If you have already a Gmail or Google account, just type-in: http://docs.google.com and you are there. Main benefits: change history, one, two or more people can edit / see the document at the same time, easy sharing features. Accessible almost everywhere you have an Internet access.

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