Flavorless Turkish Gum

Falim Gum purchased at Istanbul Market

Falim Gum purchased at Istanbul Market

I have a colleague that collects gum.

She has gum from all over the world.

I love to add gums to her collection.

I brought back watermelon gum from China.

In Montreal, I found this small Turkish grocery store.

It had plenty of items with pistachios.

You can look forward to a pistachio themed dinner and recipe soon.

But I digress.

While there, I decided to look for gum.

Turkish gum is not sweet like American gum. It’s very mild tasting.

There is even one gum which is actually flavorless.

You are in essence chewing rubber.

You know when you’ve had a piece of gum in your mouth for an overly long period of time and It suddenly tastes like cardboard in your mouth?

Well, this is what a brand new stick of Falim flavorless gum tastes like.

Try it! See how long it takes you before you spit it out!

You will enjoy the discussions and jokes that arise from the gum tasting experience.

As far as cooksploratrice is concerned, you only try falim flavorless gum once.


2 thoughts on “Flavorless Turkish Gum

  1. This is called Mastic and is the resin of a tree, like sap on pine trees. The most prized one is from Chios in Greece, it is pricier. A long time ago there was no Juicy fruit. That is what existed and people still chew it today. Chewing is a good thing. It was also healthy to chew mastic for your teeth. Certain mastics and very tasty in pastries.
    It might be an aquired taste, it does have a subtle flavour. There is no grape tang flavour nor sugar. It is pretty much straight up sap. It has a tremendous reputation throughout the world.
    My advise: don’t go up against Mastic. It is one of the pillars supporting the whole World.
    It is quite diffrent than the gum we know today in Canada.

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