The Independence Project

My happiness project has evolved into the independence project.
Recently, I took such small baby steps.
From fueling my car, to setting the clock in my car to daylight savings time, to parallel parking with people in my car. These small steps might mean nothing to someone else but they mean the world to me. They are the proof that I am stronger than I think.

So, as strange as it sounds, I am looking forward to taking out the trash and more typical manly responsibilities such as a clogged toilet. OK, that’s a blatant exaggeration. No one looks forward to a clogged toilet.


3 thoughts on “The Independence Project

  1. I can completely relate to this. Sad, I’m not confident enough to drive even though I learnt driving. But I understand what you mean by your independent project. I’ve been wanting to feel like an adult for so long now.

    • I agree. I recently injured myself and had to rely on people more. That was hard for me. But, you know, baby steps work. Get in your car and start the car. Park next to your house. Go to the drugstore and back. Inch by inch, you’ll make progress and soon, you will going on a long road trip on your own. You just need to try. Every small step will feel like a victory.

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