How To Learn About A Country: Read Their Papers

In the South China Post, there was an article about dead pigs. Farmers used to be able to resell pig carcasses in an underground market. There was a dead pig mafia that would actually resell dead pig meat or sick pig meat to people. The police cracked down on this network and therefore farmers now need to find a new place to put the pig carcasses. The cost to legally get rid of a pig carcass is fairly steep. The farmers refuse to pay the amount and therefore, they drop the dead pigs in the river. 10 000 dead pigs were found in the river. The sad part, they drink the water that comes from that same river. I find this news very disturbing.

This is enough to guarantee that I only drink bottled water in China for the rest of my life.
Also, there is a taboo in China. One should not talk about death. So people do not draw up wills. When they die, family feuds are prevalent over the inheritance. In order to prevent this, there is a new service that helps retired people (60 is the retirement age in China) draw up a will. This is a free service proposed by the government. People are lining up to meet one of their representatives in order to avoid family feuds over the inheritance. They are hoping to start a for-fee service for people under 60 in order to address the same need. The for-fee service would finance the for-free service.

I found both articles fascinating. What about you?


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