Travelling For The Mobility Impaired

When you are injured and travelling, your stress is extremely high. Especially if you are travelling alone to the end of the world. 

Short distances to most seem extremely long to you. Getting from the customs area to your gate can be an extremely long walk. Thankfully, airports are very well equipped with golf carts, wheelchairs which makes mobility impairment inside the airport (s) not so stressful. The problem occurs when you walk out of the airport. Then, your on your own. There is little or no assistance.  You have to figure it out on your own. At your hotel, there is service, I was brought down to breakfast in a wheel chair. I used room service during the day. But tomorrow, my ankle will not have healed and I’ll have to face the outside as I am going to work. The challenges are many. 

Guide books do not offer advice for the mobility impaired. They do not say: visit this if you can’t walk. Nor do they mention wheel chairs are easily accessible at this location. 

This is a huge mistake. Sports injuries are quite frequent. With the aging population all around the world, there is more need for this type of information than ever. 

 I think there is a need for this type of information to be shared. What I have found: the airlines can have a wheel chair waiting for you. They will accompany you to customs, help you retrieve your bag and accompany you to the taxi or shuttle to your hotel. This is all a free service. Hotels can provide you with a wheel chair and assist you. You need to express your requirements though. Suffering in silence will only lead to more suffering.  I have to say that the hotels I have stayed at so far have been quite good with my mobility impairment. Thank you Holiday Inn Atrium, Vancouver Airport, Montreal Airport. 

Just now: I need ice for my leg, I need room service to come pick up the existing room service and I’m a bit shy to ask. But I will ask because it will be worse if I do not. 

What tips have you got to share for travelling when injured or if you are handicapped and need to travel? Let’s open up a discussion on this topic. 


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