Another Perspective on the Happiness Index in Singapore

I had a fascinating discussion with Mr. Ron Kiang, a native singaporean of Chinese origin.

He was saying his happiness depends on his children’s happiness. And kids in Singapore are not happy. Why? School in Singapore is too stressful. Children go to school all day and then, they get tutored in the basic subjects (English, Chinese, Math and Science) every school night. They go from right after dinner until it’s time to go to bed.

Mr. Kiang alleges that if his kids are happy, he is happy.
But, since his kids are feeling the burden of pressure, he is not so happy.

This was a very interesting perspective that I wanted to share with you.
Mr. Kiang thought the answer might depend on the age group being polled.
What do you think of this perspective?


5 thoughts on “Another Perspective on the Happiness Index in Singapore

  1. There is a lot of truth there. Perhaps Mr. Kiang agrees with children. If he did not, then the childrens’ perspective would not be important. Children are the future but they must be well led to one day lead the way.

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