The joys of the signing ceremony

Today, at 4h30 pm, I sit in the executive lounge sipping a glass of bubbly, enjoying the view of Singapore with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I feel like Leo Di Caprio in Titanic, like James Cameron at the Oscars.

When I travel, I am always looking for a signature. I either need an in-field acceptance certificate, a ready for use certificate or a ready for training certificate.

As the ink dries on my certificates, the stress leaves my body in one shot. It is a gorgeous feeling.

I am alone at the lounge but I do not feel lonely.
I just feel so accomplished.

Tonight, with my team, we will celebrate by drinking a Singapore sling at the Raffles hotel. But, this moment, this beautiful simple moment of joy, I wanted to share with you. I wish you were here with me waiting to go on my next adventure. You mean that much to me.

I would love to meet all of you and get to talk to you face to face. Get to dissect some of my musings with you.

For now, however, sit back, enjoy the cityscape of singapore, enjoy the bubbles of the glass of champagne and share my victory with me.

Kiss, Kiss from cooksploratrice.


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