How Was Business Class?

I flew back to Canada in business class. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity due to my medical repatriation (I love that word)
My commute started in Singapore at Changi Airport. It was a 3.5 hour flight to Hong Kong.
The first thing you notice: they hang your jacket and call you by your name. Then, they serve you in real china. No plastic or styrofoam.
But the key differentiator is not the service (though above reproach), nor the food (despite being delicious), it is in the leg room, the headsets and the TV screen.

My seat could recline into a bed. I slept for the duration of the leg to Hong Kong.

The next leg, from Hong Kong to Chicago was smooth as well.
I slept for 7 consecutive hours. Though how much of that is due to my pain medication, I do not know. I watched the Skyfall movie. I ate some roast duck and drank some champagne.
The normally painful flight was quite agreeable.

Business class is one of the good things you could get used to in life.
Especially on long flights (above 8 hours)
You have to try it, at least once in your life.
How do you travel?
Business, coach, premium economy, first class?


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