Leave home to buy a cushion, come back with four canvases

My friends, I have been offline recuperating from my foot injury. I am back in Laval. Travelling back home was a harrying experience. My foot is in a cast and healing very slowly.
I was welcomed by snow and a cold front which gave me a taste of spring.

This lead me to decide to get the basement painted. The tones are a warm butterscotch with shades of grey. Incidentally, I have started reading 50 shades of grey.

I left my house, in my wheelchair, on a mission to purchase a warm orange cushion for the couch and a deep purple complementary colour cushion as well.
I went to Deco Decouvertes and did not find what I wanted. But for my future emerald pantone living room, there were peacock coloured cushions which dazzled me. But, I needed to stay focused on my basement.
I tried Bouclair Home next and I found so many things. Cushions, gorgeous buddhas, lamps. I wanted to buy the whole store. I fell in love with 4 canvases which I brought home with me. I left the cushions for next week’s shopping spree.




Just picture them against the warm scotch background

Can you not feel the warmth coming through?


Now check out the tones of my future basement and tell me what you think.


The official colour names are: CIL 50bg 08021, light’s out; CIL 50bg 38011, west coast grey; 10yy 34700 Butterscotch Tempest.

May this infusion of colour melt the rest of the snow and ice away.
I promise to show you the basement 36.0 when it is complete.
Ps: the accessories will not be flowers. I think Buddha’s and birds will emerge as future signs of spring and rebirth.


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