Passo Doble, a magical malbec corvina from Argentina


This lovely red wine tastes of cherry, blackberries, wood berries. It also tastes like dark plums which are in season right now. It is made according to the appassimento method of drying grapes on bamboo racks. It is twice dried which is why it is called passo doble. It is made with Corvina grapes of Northern Italy fame and combined with Malbec grapes.

Its appearance is deep violet. It smells of currants and cherries.
We ate the wine with Singapore noodles last night, that was not a perfect fit.
But, with a gamey rack of lamb, it was absolute perfection.
This wine was recommended by La Presse and we enjoyed it very much.
We purchased it for 17$ at la SAQ. I am sure you can get it for much less elsewhere in the world.


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