Handicap Friendly washrooms, really?

As you know, since I have been less mobile, I have started paying attention to facilities for handicapped folks. Here is my latest conclusion, all of the companies should hire a handicapped consultant to survey the quality of the facilities, access-ways and services.

For example, I noticed that washroom doors are quite heavy. Not too practical if you are on crutches or if you are driving your wheelchair solo.

I noticed this at Les Trois Brasseurs Laval as well as at the Colossus movie complex in Laval.

I would suggest you install an automatic door opener for your washrooms for handicapped folks. And of course, you instruct your employees to power on the mechanism every morning as with the front door.

Warning to all establishments, if my wheels cannot drive comfortably in your establishment, I will report you.


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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