Listel Gris and the memory of a wine

Listel Gris...Grain de Gris

Listel Gris…Grain de Gris

There are some moments that become instant memories.

Moments of pure elation that get stuck to your brain forever. Moments where you remember where you were, who you were with, what you were doing, what you were wearing and what you were drinking.

Such is the case with Listel Grain de Gris. I discovered Listel Gris with my parents and brother at Vivaldi restaurant on Prince-Arthur street. It was July. I was wearing a blue and white skirt that blew lightly in the wind. There was a salsa dancer outside with a black and red skirt. We dined on the terrace (which was in a private courtyard) and I ate fettuccine Alfredo. I loved the crispiness of the wine.

Now, the reason this is so memorable is that my memory is historically fuzzy. I do not remember details and specifics typically. I remember being happy, doing certain things but the details are not always accurate. My brother, Fred, has a much clearer memory.

We had Grain de Gris at my mom’s on Saturday (we did not do Australian night, it was delayed, so we invited ourselves to my mom’s for dinner) with chicken pylon and lamburgers (hamburgers with lamb). From the first sip, I was transported back to that night years ago on Prince Arthur street.

This was also a perfect moment. My son, my mom and my husband and I were sitting outside while my dad BBQ’d (over BBQ’d to be honest) the chicken and the lamb. Ben was talking about his school visit. My parents dog was running around in the yard. It was a beautiful light cheerful moment with such optimism for the future. Emilie was playing the iPad inside. Ben was wearing a grey shirt and had a 1000 watt smile. Claudette was wearing this lovely peach Capri from Lululemon. Actually, both my parents were wearing Capri’s.

Everytime I have had Listel Gris, I have lived great moments. It probably magnifies the taste of the wine.

Listel gris “gris des gris” is a wine of the sand country of the Camargue in France, in the greater Languedoc Roussilon region. It’s a controlled appellation: VDP des Sables du Golfe Du Lion. The wine’s color is very sheer pale pink thus its grey appellation.

It is made with grenache grapes. It’s a red vintage but treated as a white vintage. The grapes are fermented without the skin, pips, stems/stalks or seeds.  The wine is made using a pressurization method. Grey wines are also called oeil de perdrix (partridge bird’s eye) since it’s the color their eyes get when they are in agony. I did not make this up.

Now as to the tasting notes: the SAQ gives it a label of fruity and light. It tastes fruity and floral but not overly so. It’s a very well structured wine. It’s not too sweet (some of the rosé’s are overly sweet)  I find it’s a perfect wine for a lazy Saturday afternoon. As an added bonus, the wine is extremely affordable at $11.45.

Do you have perfect memories? Memories where you associate a great wine with a great moment?

I have a few:

Periquita Wine with Greg at Vintage Restaurant on Saint-Denis

Hugel Wine with Greg at Vietnamese Restaurant Bambou Bleu on Saint-Denis Restaurant

A Chianti with Xavier, David Mercier and Greg before our end of bachelor’s graduation party

These wines are not overly expensive, they are light but they are values that I turn to time and time again because they were memorable.

Take a moment to share your memories of wine and moments of pure bliss.


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