The Distant Echo: A Cooksploratrice Book Review

The Distant Echo by Val McDermid as purchased on Kobo

I purchased two books by Val Mcdermid on my Kobo via

As you know, I am currently on hiatus from

Amazon refused to replace my kindle which suffered a mishap despite the high volume of books purchased on the device.

I am now refusing to spend at They have officially lost ALL of my business. And heaven knows how much I spend on books. It’s their loss. I will not promote them on my blog either in the future. The word Amazon has fallen from my vocabulary (unless associated to River or Forest.)

The Distant Echo is my second book by Val McDermid after A Place of Execution.

Here is the synopsis: In 1978 four male students find the body of Rosie Duff half-buried in the snow and their lives are variously damaged by the suspicion that falls on them when the murder is never solved; a quarter of a century later the case is reopened and suddenly the quartet start to be killed one after the other.

The author takes the time to build an intricate tale with plot twists and turns. You never know if one of the four male students could have perpetrated the crimes and you feel for them. In the small college community of Saint-Andrews Scotland, they are humiliated and judged. This discovery transforms their lives and leads the friends to distance themselves from one another. When they start getting killed, the bonds of friendship reform and they stick together until the very end. Though it is a classic whodunit type of story, the language is rich, the characters are extremely well fleshed out mostly except for the characters of MacFayden and most of the policemen we encounter. The main negative point is we never quite see the police’s angle on the case. The entire police investigation feels off which diminishes the credibility of the tale.

But, a magnificent tale it is. I would encourage you to read this intelligent, beautifully written novel by a talented Scottish author.

I give it five stars.




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