Delicious White Wine…Dare You to NOT finish it in one sitting!


CMS Sauvignon Blanc

Life is funny. Here I am, writing to you at 08h00 AM about a delicious wine while I enjoy my morning cup of Joe. Yesterday, I wrote a review about a naughty book and immediately after wrote a review of a book about angels. Life is rife with contradictions.

We drank this wine on Sunday while reveling in my marvelously tart lemon chicken and finished the whole bottle in one sitting. This is something we never do. We typically will drink two glasses and save the rest for another day. But not this time. This time, we drank it all.

As a matter of fact, The Producer was gulping it down like a fish, so much so that I needed to take the bottle away from him in order to ensure that I could at least enjoy my second glass. Since I talk more at the dinner table (pretty  much everywhere), I drink a little slower.

It’s an American wine made in the Columbia Valley in  Washington.

The Columbia Valley AVA is an American Viticultural Area which lies in the Columbia River Plateau, through much of central and southern Washington state, with a small section crossing into the neighboring state of Oregon. The AVA includes the drainage basin of the Columbia River and its tributaries through much of Washington.[2] The Columbia Valley AVA is the largest wine region in the state of Washington, including over 11,000,000 acres (4,500,000 ha), of which over 40,000 acres (16,000 ha) are planted in vineyards. (source:

The warm days and cool nights of the area help retain the balance of acid and sugar levels in the grape which give Washington wines their characteristic balance in flavors.

Columbia Valley, Washington State. A little slice of heaven on earth?

Columbia Valley, Washington State. A little slice of heaven on earth?

The wine is a blend of 85% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Chardonnay & 5% Marsanne.

Experts will say you will taste: lively aromas of ripe pear, grapefruit peel, caramel apple and orange blossom.

As is usually the case when I fall in love with a wine, the wine is fermented in barrels of French oak.

I say you will drink it to the last drop and enjoy every lovely mouthful. I felt that Bacchus himself was signing an area of joy when the lovely golden hued liquid came in contact with my palate.

This was once again a Vin du Samedi recommendation from La Presse (Saturday Wine Pick from the local paper). They were recommending the red which we were unable to locate. I can promise you that I will look for its red counterpart at my next foray to the SAQ (wine store) The red is a blend of Merlot-Cabernet-Syrah. These are my three favorite words in red wines.

This is one wine I would buy a case of and drink every week. I would drink it by the pool on its own on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The wine retails at $18.95 per bottle in Quebec, it retails at 14.00 in the US if you buy from Hedges Estates directly. It does not seem to be available in Ontario, sorry folks! I would insist they order some if I were you.

In Asia and Europe, you would have to check with your local dealers but try to get your hands on it. I do wonder though, is it quite the faux pas to ask for American wines in Europe? Care to share some insight?

When it comes to wines, I am by no means an expert, I want your feedback.   Get a bottle and let us share our thoughts. What is enjoyable to me might be absolute horror for you. Who knows? I am anxious to hear from you.

I will go finish my cup of coffee now.

Coming soon, I will share with you my thoughts on a food show called “Cuisine Futée Parents Pressés”. I did a two week menu based on their recipes and there is a whole concept of food camouflage such as lentils in Italian pasta, white lima beens in chocolate chip cookies. Stay tuned!


Halo: A Superb Read

I loved every word of Halo.

Halo: A Must Read

Halo is the story of three angels brought to earth to restore good to their assigned corner of the planet which happens to be Venus Cove, this town is purely fictional but the author assumed it was located on the Georgia coastline. This is Bethany’s first foray on earth and she is very unsure of herself. She is sure there is a higher power, her brother and sister are extremely pure and sure of themselves. They act as a good counterweight to her.

The book is filled with good and with light and with love. It’s infused with faith which is a rare quality indeed in a novel. There is a boy: Xavier Woods. There is a nemesis: Jake Thorn. There are suicides, murders, kidnappings. But most of all, it’s about Bethany’s journey on earth. She is on the path towards more love and light but she blunders along the way? Who has not had a tough time adapting to particular circumstances? Who has not blundered?

She is a very-human angel and as beautifully flawed as we are. I highly recommend this book.

As soon as I finish this critique, I will go upstairs, bundle up in the covers and jump immediately into Hades, Alexandra Adornetto’s second novel where we will discover Hell. But I bet, somehow, Adornetto will infuse hell with light.

This is a young adult novel of extremely rare quality. I adored it and recommend it to one and all. And for those of you that feel a bit dark or are in need of a picker-upper, Adornetto’s writings is just the Word Therapy you need.

This book was written by a high school senior. Kudos Miss Adornetto! Bravo!

50 Shades of Bland

Ok! After countless weeks, I gave in to pop culture and purchased 50 Shades of Grey.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I love to read romance novels and most romance novels get quite steamy, so much so that they work wonders for couples looking to kindle a flame or keep their fire burning bright.

50 Shades of Grey did not even spark the slightest interest for me and I love to read a risqué novel every now and then. It’s a guilty secret of mine.

The only fun part is that Christian Grey is super loaded and treats his lady to the nicest things. Other than that, Anabelle Steel is whiny and unsure of herself. She’s a sniveling brat.  Their romance felt flat.

We are far from more adroit writings à la Lolita, Dangerous Liaisons, Moll Flanders, Fanny Hill, etc. There is also excellent erotic literature for women written by women in the Black Lace collection that I would highly recommend.

Back to 50 Shades, there is nothing new about this book, nothing slightly interesting. Total BOREDOM.  Instead of burning my loins, I wish I could burn every hum drum page.

I would recommend the writings of J.R. Ward, Courtney Milan, Eloisa James, Sherrilyn Kenyon to read excellent romance novels that pack a huge punch of steam. But for real erotica, black lace is ideal. It’s much better and steamier. The writing is superb, the descriptions are vidid and rich, the passion jumps out of the pages.

50 Shades of Grey by E L James             


Fast 6: Oozes with Testosterone. Mucho Machismo!

I had told you I would see Fast 6 on this memorial day weekend.

I did see the movie. I was front and to the side (front and center was full) Saturday afternoon exactly as foretold.

The film oozed with action and muscle.

There was a terrific girl fight.

But no passionate Dom-Letty kiss. (the only negative I saw)

Still, I loved the movie.

I would recommend it to get your testosterone on.

What about you? Did you see it? Did you like it?

Fast and Furious 6 Movie Poster

I hope it rakes in plenty of new audience members which will give the series a fresh start.

I can’t wait to see it again.

Which herbs are your top picks?

I often discuss coriander and rosemary. Those are the top two fresh herbs I add to everything. What about your household? Which plants inspire you to cook? Which herbs transform bland poultry or fish into a delicious party for your taste buds?

Please take the time to fill out the poll so we can see how the cooksploratrice community spices up their lives with herbs. The Poll will close on Tuesday 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

Please rock the vote.

Purple Rosemary Scourge

As you might or might not remember, I make amazing chicken with a rosemary lemon marinade. I have shared the recipe previously with you here. 

But these past few weeks, every single pack of rosemary leaves I have gotten my hands on were purple. The smell of the rosemary goes past woody to a overripe smell (slightly rotten)

I miss beautiful green aromatic woody rosemary.

Are you also having difficulty securing perfectly woody and nicely green rosemary branches?

I have decided to plant my own rosemary bush. This way, the results will be more consistent provided I do not overwater.

Green Rosemary Leaves...just what I am unable to find

Green Rosemary Leaves…just what I am unable to find

Do you also have the reflex of growing your own when the stores stop offering good alternates?

Let’s discuss botany my friends! Also, is rosemary one of your top herbs?

ps: If you want the full recipe for my chicken, post a comment and I will give you a step by step.



For a memorable memorial day weekend…The I Love You Day

2013 BIB

2013 BIB

Every year for mother’s day, my daughter and I eat breakfast in bed.

The breakfast is made by the men of the household aka The Producer and Ben.

This year, they outdid themselves with the toast, egg and bacon petit four, the spring greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette, fresh berries and goat cheese spread with a suitably dark coffee and a glass of milk for Emilie.

We are a few days after mother’s day but I needed to share this with you so that you treat the women in your life (why should it be only on mother’s day) and prepare to return the favour come father’s day.

Do we really need official holidays to treat our loved ones?

Let us make memorial day memorable by treating each other.