What Are Your Favorite Topics on the Cooksploratrice Blog?

Initially, when I started the blog, I only meant to write about cooking. But then, I felt that cooking was only a subset of my interests. I could write everyday but only if I allowed myself the right to write about all my interests. I’m a naturally curious person. I’m always researching a new topic, trying to grow as a person-mother-wife-professional individual-project manager-athlete-ecologist. I love to travel, I’ve always got my nose stuck in a book. I’m fascinated by cultures and the multiple ways of life around this gorgeous globe.

I’ve taken to writing about books, movies, culture, science, sociology, television, cooking, wines,  health and healing. There are also posts that are about me and what I’m going through right now. It’s a very varied blog. I’ve strayed so far from niche blogging that it’s now a blog about anything and everything and sometimes nothing in particular.

I wonder, though, what you prefer to read about.

Some of you, I think I know.

Gibran responds to blog entries about food and cooking.

The Drunken Cyclist responds to entries about wine the most.

Lesley Carter responds to blog entries about travel.

Claudette and the producer respond to anything I write.

But, globally, what are your favorite topics? On which topics, do you prefer my penmanship?

Please respond to the poll and then, indicate in a comment if there’s a reason why.

I’ve activated multiple choices to allow you to pick as many topics as you like.


5 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Topics on the Cooksploratrice Blog?

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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