What do the Treatments Feel Like? Toe Static

Everyday, now, my routine will be the same.

I will do two exogen treatments daily for the first month and then reduce it down to once a way when I return to work.

If you remember, Exogen is the light pulsed ultrasound bone Healing system produced by Smith & Nephew that I am using to allow my foot to heal and to prevent the need for surgery. I started the first day of a 4-Month treatment yesterday. My last day will be August 30, 2013.

Exogen Machine

Exogen Machine

The first treatment is at 10 Am and my second treatment is at 07h30 PM. Though there is no proven chemical benefit to doing it twice daily, it does not hurt to try.

I want to make sure this works.

I want the collagen in my foot bone to cause cells to multiply exponentially.

The machine feels very very light (I feel almost nothing) except for a slight tingling in my toes. It is very similar to the feeling of a balloon that one would rub against your hair until your hair is electrified. I have toe static.

Static in hair...akin to Static in my toes from Exogen machine

Static in hair…akin to Static in my toes from Exogen machine

According to the documentation, this tingling is a positive sign as it means electricity is occurring in my bone which means my chances of success are quite good.

After the treatment, my toes keep tingling for a few hours. This is a very good omen.

Most of all, I remain extremely positive and hopeful.

I hope, Hope, Hope this works

I hope, Hope, Hope this works



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