A New Way To Read The Cooksploratrice Blog

I discuss my blog frequently with The Producer or Gregster. He has been dissatisfied of late. He would like my blog to resemble The Londoner and other blogs which are broken up into sections. Word Press.com has a limitation. You can add more pages to your blog but they are meant for static content. So, I cannot create pages for the topics mentioned above.

As you know, I frequently write about different topics: food, culture, life and happiness, travel and world. Initially, I used to write only about food. Though this was a fun challenge, I got bored eventually. The blog grew organically to encompass more topics. But that does not mean you want to read everything I write nor should you have to. But I sure love it when you do.

To free you from all my entries and to circumvent the Word Press.com page limitation, , I have flagged all my posts into categories. I initially had 129 categories for the 300 odd entries posted to date. I have re-categorized the posts based on: food, culture, life and happiness, travel and world. I spent the whole day doing this, just for you (and to get the Producer to help remap the layout of my blog)

So, if you’re like the Producer and Gregster, you read everything I write, then you stick to the top page and no worries for you.

If, instead you’re like Gibran, and you prefer to read about food and happiness, well then, you will select these categories. Well, for Gibran, it’s two categories: Food & wine-drinks as well as Life & Happiness. I put a category cloud to the right of the screen (only works on laptop and PC, the side label is not visible on the iPad version.) You will be taken to content pertaining to only these categories. You select one category at a time and this does not work when you follow me. You will receive all the entries via email.

If you’re like Claudette and you want to hear about what’s happening with me, Ben, Emilie and Greg, Life and Happiness is the category for you.

If you’re like the drunken cyclest and all the other wine enthusiasts that follow my blog despite my low level of expertise with wine, Food & wine-drinks is the category for you.

If you want to know where I’ve been, which countries I’ve visited, what my thoughts on the planet are, you want to read Travel and World most of all.

If you’re intrigued by which books, shows, movies I’m reading, watching, seeing, Culture & Technology is where you want to go.

If you want a sneak peak at Tumbleweed, the project for a novel I have, then Tumbleweed-Book is the section for you.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the possibility of selecting your content.

I am interested in many things, but some of you might read my content for specific things and the categories is my humble way of heading in that direction despite Word Press.com. The categories are: Food & Wine-Drinks, Tumbleweed-Book, Culture & Technology, Life & Happiness.

Let me know what you think of the freedom of choice I am giving you.

p.s.: for those of you that read whatever I have to write about, whichever concept gets into my pretty little mind, I thank you for your loyalty. You’re my favorite audience. Hopefully, you’ll also want to read Tumbleweed.


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