Boschendal Chardonnay: A white wine for the BBQ (Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing)


I love white wine. It’s easier to drink than red wine. I sometimes get a bit drowsy with red wine.

I know my friend Catherine Gagliano prefers white wine as well. But in BBQ season, the season of the burger and the red meat, white wine seems less of a perfect fit. La Presse recommended the Boschendal Chardonnay from South Africa as a dry white wine that could be married with grilled meats. It was one of their Vin du Samedi Recommendation. Karine Duplessis Piché is the columnist that recommends a new wine every week.

It’s the first article I look for in my Saturday morning paper. I make sure to have a pair of scissors and I cut out the Saturday Wine Picks column every week. I paste it on our wish list board.

You see, as a family, everyone can put something they want to try on the wish list board. It can be an activity, a restaurant, a wine, a trip they want to take, whatever. If you post it on the wish list board, it will be considered and if you put it on the calendar as well, it’ll happen. Obviously, it needs to be possible, affordable and feasible. My son dreams of visiting the Lost City of Atlantis but that city is lost ergo even if he writes it into the calendar, it ain’t gonna happen.

My contributions to the board are varied. But this was one I wanted to try. It had made its way on the board and on the calendar.

I tasted notes of pear, hazelnuts and coconuts in the wine. You could also taste the oak. I tend to prefer wines which were fermented in oak barrels. It was a very bold wine. A very surprising combination in a white wine. The color of the wine was also quite daffodil like almost bright yellow.

In Quebec, the SAQ robs us in terms of the cost of a bottle of wine. The bottle cost us $16.95. It’s $16.00 at the LCBO. It’s about $14.00 in the UK and 11$ in the US.

We paired this wine with steak drizzled with pesto sauce and combined it with grilled green and yellow squash ribbons.

I adored the wine with a sharp piece of aged cheddar, it was absolute perfection.

A note however, the Producer found the wine a little too sharp for his taste. So if you like timid white wines, this huge charismatic white is not for you. It’s a red dressed in a beautiful white dress. When you strip away the adornment and focus on the flavors, you will feel the acidity and the character of the wine.

If you’re having friends over that do not like white wines, this might be just the ticket to make them see whites in an entirely different light.





4 thoughts on “Boschendal Chardonnay: A white wine for the BBQ (Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing)

  1. I am following your wine recommendation. This could be a very good Mother’s day wine! I can’t wait to taste it!!!

  2. That’s a pretty neat title. The expression is Wolf in sheep’s clothings. You wrote wool, which is sheep’s clothings. It is what it is.

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