Fast and Furious Marathon

I am not a car chick but I love the Fast and Furious Franchise.
I love action movies
I love the raw testosterone, the muscle (Vin, Dwayne Johnson), the cute love stories (Letty and Dom, Mia and Brian O’Connor), the countries they visit, the underground world of car racing with drifting and the 10-second races.

It’s corny, maybe.
It’s not intellectual, I agree.
But it is 100% fun.

We’re now on movie number 4 (the one where Letty gets killed>) It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to watch these movies.
Every year, I find an excuse to watch the 5 Fast and Furious films in my possession.

The image below is not from number 4 but it represents the best of the series for me.
It’s the number one image I associate with the franchise.
Dom grabs Letty by the tooshy and lifts her up against a muscle car for a passionate kiss.

Fast and Furious 1, famous scene with Dom and Letty in the garage.

On Saturday afternoon, I’ll be in the theaters viewing Fast 6 and hoping for a Dom-Letty reunion.

Which movies do you watch and re-watch? Personally, I have a penchant for the Narnia movies, the Star Wars Movies, the Potter movies, the Die Hard movies as well as the Mission Impossible movies. I’m looking forward to Fast 7.

Will you be rushing to theathers to see Fast 6 as well? Or is Epic more your style?


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