Verdict is in: My foot is healing


As you know, I had hurt my left foot pretty badly on a business trip. (all the way in Singapore)
I kept falling on the injured foot during my way back home (broken fifth metatarsal)
I have been on medical leave ever since.
My fifth metatarsal was refusing to heal.
We were headed straight for surgery and for the risk of arthritis in the foot.
I was completely unable to put even an ounce of weight on the left foot.

As a last ditch effort to avoid surgery, we started using the exogen device which sends pulsed ultrasounds to the impacted area.

We performed a control X-Ray and were able to confirm the fracture is healing.
Since then, I have been able to move the pinkie toe.
I can occasionally walk with one crutch (with my cast of course)

So the pulsed ultrasound device proved most effective.
It helped with the swelling and the pain initially but also proved effective at helping with bone growth.

I feel so relieved. No surgery required.

I can confirm that going for long walks is the key part of my happiness project.
Being unable to walk has been very difficult.
If it wasn’t for the Producer walking me around the neighborhood in my wheelchair, I would have been absolutely miserable.

So, moving forward, whether on crutches, in a wheelchair or on foot, I will walk every day.
I live to put my feet on asphalt and breathe the fresh air. It’s who I am and it’s the main thing I need to do to be happy even more important than reading a book.

I know I have been silent. I think I had a case of blogger’s fatigue. I’m sorry. Did you miss me?


One thought on “Verdict is in: My foot is healing

  1. Hi,

    May i know where you bought the exogen..? I having an arm fracture and am looking for this in Singapore. Thank you..

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