Purple Rosemary Scourge

As you might or might not remember, I make amazing chicken with a rosemary lemon marinade. I have shared the recipe previously with you here. 

But these past few weeks, every single pack of rosemary leaves I have gotten my hands on were purple. The smell of the rosemary goes past woody to a overripe smell (slightly rotten)

I miss beautiful green aromatic woody rosemary.

Are you also having difficulty securing perfectly woody and nicely green rosemary branches?

I have decided to plant my own rosemary bush. This way, the results will be more consistent provided I do not overwater.

Green Rosemary Leaves...just what I am unable to find

Green Rosemary Leaves…just what I am unable to find

Do you also have the reflex of growing your own when the stores stop offering good alternates?

Let’s discuss botany my friends! Also, is rosemary one of your top herbs?

ps: If you want the full recipe for my chicken, post a comment and I will give you a step by step.




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