Delicious White Wine…Dare You to NOT finish it in one sitting!


CMS Sauvignon Blanc

Life is funny. Here I am, writing to you at 08h00 AM about a delicious wine while I enjoy my morning cup of Joe. Yesterday, I wrote a review about a naughty book and immediately after wrote a review of a book about angels. Life is rife with contradictions.

We drank this wine on Sunday while reveling in my marvelously tart lemon chicken and finished the whole bottle in one sitting. This is something we never do. We typically will drink two glasses and save the rest for another day. But not this time. This time, we drank it all.

As a matter of fact, The Producer was gulping it down like a fish, so much so that I needed to take the bottle away from him in order to ensure that I could at least enjoy my second glass. Since I talk more at the dinner table (pretty  much everywhere), I drink a little slower.

It’s an American wine made in the Columbia Valley in  Washington.

The Columbia Valley AVA is an American Viticultural Area which lies in the Columbia River Plateau, through much of central and southern Washington state, with a small section crossing into the neighboring state of Oregon. The AVA includes the drainage basin of the Columbia River and its tributaries through much of Washington.[2] The Columbia Valley AVA is the largest wine region in the state of Washington, including over 11,000,000 acres (4,500,000 ha), of which over 40,000 acres (16,000 ha) are planted in vineyards. (source:

The warm days and cool nights of the area help retain the balance of acid and sugar levels in the grape which give Washington wines their characteristic balance in flavors.

Columbia Valley, Washington State. A little slice of heaven on earth?

Columbia Valley, Washington State. A little slice of heaven on earth?

The wine is a blend of 85% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Chardonnay & 5% Marsanne.

Experts will say you will taste: lively aromas of ripe pear, grapefruit peel, caramel apple and orange blossom.

As is usually the case when I fall in love with a wine, the wine is fermented in barrels of French oak.

I say you will drink it to the last drop and enjoy every lovely mouthful. I felt that Bacchus himself was signing an area of joy when the lovely golden hued liquid came in contact with my palate.

This was once again a Vin du Samedi recommendation from La Presse (Saturday Wine Pick from the local paper). They were recommending the red which we were unable to locate. I can promise you that I will look for its red counterpart at my next foray to the SAQ (wine store) The red is a blend of Merlot-Cabernet-Syrah. These are my three favorite words in red wines.

This is one wine I would buy a case of and drink every week. I would drink it by the pool on its own on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The wine retails at $18.95 per bottle in Quebec, it retails at 14.00 in the US if you buy from Hedges Estates directly. It does not seem to be available in Ontario, sorry folks! I would insist they order some if I were you.

In Asia and Europe, you would have to check with your local dealers but try to get your hands on it. I do wonder though, is it quite the faux pas to ask for American wines in Europe? Care to share some insight?

When it comes to wines, I am by no means an expert, I want your feedback.   Get a bottle and let us share our thoughts. What is enjoyable to me might be absolute horror for you. Who knows? I am anxious to hear from you.

I will go finish my cup of coffee now.

Coming soon, I will share with you my thoughts on a food show called “Cuisine Futée Parents Pressés”. I did a two week menu based on their recipes and there is a whole concept of food camouflage such as lentils in Italian pasta, white lima beens in chocolate chip cookies. Stay tuned!


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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