Halo: A Superb Read

I loved every word of Halo.

Halo: A Must Read

Halo is the story of three angels brought to earth to restore good to their assigned corner of the planet which happens to be Venus Cove, this town is purely fictional but the author assumed it was located on the Georgia coastline. This is Bethany’s first foray on earth and she is very unsure of herself. She is sure there is a higher power, her brother and sister are extremely pure and sure of themselves. They act as a good counterweight to her.

The book is filled with good and with light and with love. It’s infused with faith which is a rare quality indeed in a novel. There is a boy: Xavier Woods. There is a nemesis: Jake Thorn. There are suicides, murders, kidnappings. But most of all, it’s about Bethany’s journey on earth. She is on the path towards more love and light but she blunders along the way? Who has not had a tough time adapting to particular circumstances? Who has not blundered?

She is a very-human angel and as beautifully flawed as we are. I highly recommend this book.

As soon as I finish this critique, I will go upstairs, bundle up in the covers and jump immediately into Hades, Alexandra Adornetto’s second novel where we will discover Hell. But I bet, somehow, Adornetto will infuse hell with light.

This is a young adult novel of extremely rare quality. I adored it and recommend it to one and all. And for those of you that feel a bit dark or are in need of a picker-upper, Adornetto’s writings is just the Word Therapy you need.

This book was written by a high school senior. Kudos Miss Adornetto! Bravo!


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