Ye Olde Orchard Pub and Grill Restaurant Review

Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill, Saint-Sauveur

Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill, Saint-Sauveur

Yesterday, to celebrate father’s day with the Producer, we drove up North to charming Saint-Sauveur. This quaint little village is the locale of our very first date that September so long ago. We routinely do pilgrimages as a way of reminiscing. It’s become a family tradition. We do the same with Gananoque, locale of our honeymoon.

This time, we asked the iPhone to recommend an Irish pub in the Saint-Sauveur area. Iris informed us that the best one was Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill on Rue Principale (Main Street.)

The producer ordered fish and chips with a McAuslan Cream Ale.

The Producer and the Saint-Ambroise Cream Ale

The Producer and the Saint-Ambroise Cream Ale

I ordered thew grilled vegetable salad with McAuslan Abricot Wheat Ale.

St-Ambroise Abricot Wheat Ale

St-Ambroise Abricot Wheat Ale

McAuslan and St-Ambroise are the same company. So both beers are actually St-Ambroise and not McAuslan.

We started off with nachos served with homemade salsa. It was delicious.

Nachos and Homemade Salsa

Nachos and Homemade Salsa

As to the main courses, the portions were ginormous. I grazed so much that I’m surprised I did not yell “moo” all afternoon.

Grilled Vegetable Salad with Goat Cheese

Grilled Vegetable Salad with Goat Cheese

As to the fish and ships, there was more batter than fish on the fish. The Producer prefers two nice fillets to four. Typically, when they serve four, they add more grease and less fish.

Fish and Chips, batter much?

Fish and Chips, batter much?

Now, the beers were perfect. They were nice and refreshing after our trek on the Petit Train du Nord. The terrace was lovely (if you visit in the winter, the inside is very stale looking, it needs a complete re-haul).

It’s a great place to soak in the sun (I was in the shade while the Producer burnt to a crisp on the opposite side of the table), have a few beers with some nachos and snacks. The food was good but it’s more of a place to spend an afternoon drinking getting your buzz on. The service was very friendly.  Cheers!

Cooksploratrice and the St-Ambroise Abricot Wheat Ale

Cooksploratrice and the St-Ambroise Abricot Wheat Ale


My New Ride

As a newly mobile person, I have replaced my wheelchair by a two-wheeler.
Is she not the prettiest thing you ever did see?


Now, all I need to do is battle the fear and hop on.

Wish me luck.

10 000 visitors and going strong

Hello Folks, 

This blog project started off as a way for me to keep busy while the boys in my life were playing football and my daughter was with her friends. It was a pet project. I have been at times very verbose and at times, a little more silent. Initially, the blog was about food and only food and then it became about movies, books, tv shows, food, happiness, my travels, etc. It’s become a bit of a diary of sorts. Sometimes, I’m funny. Sometimes, I’m sad. But you’ve stuck by me. 

With this post, I want to thank you for the visits, the likes and the comments. It must be said, I love the comments most of all. 

The next major milestone will be 20 000 visitors. When will that be? It’s entirely up to you. whether you’re a frequent visitor or an infrequent one, please know that I cherish your visits. You are a great source of joy for me. 

So, to thank you, I will grant you one wish. Via a comment, give me a challenge topic to write about and I will do it. 

Blessed be! 

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! 谢谢! Tack! Danke! 


Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Omelets in muffin tins, a superb idea

Omelets in muffin tins, a superb idea

It’s Sunday lunch time and the fridge is full. There are a few things I want to clean out of the fridge as we get ready to start the new week. I have three baby potatoes and a few slices of ham left over. I decide to make an omelet. Now, to be honest, in my household omelets are not well perceived (I have made too many unfortunate misses in the omelet genre of cooking for my family to say “Wow! Omelets”) 

I sliced up the baked baby potatoes into thin slivers and sliced the ham into thin slivers as well. I whisked-in 8 eggs and added just enough milk to get a lovely creamy yellow. Then, I went into my herb garden and added some sliced chives. I then took a quarter of a cup of the mixture and put it into an individual muffin tin. I baked at 375 for about 25 minutes. After 10 minutes, we added in the cheese and the paprika. 

A little cheese, a little paprika for an Omelet makeover

A little cheese, a little paprika for an Omelet makeover

We let the omelet continue cooking for 15 more minutes after a bit of gratin. 

Cooked but not plated, don't they look good?

Cooked but not plated, don’t they look good?

Once they look about like this, broil them for 2 more minutes.

Mrs. Omelet is ready for her close-up! Say Cheese for the camera!

Mrs. Omelet is ready for her close-up! Say Cheese for the camera!

This is when the omelets will be camera-ready. 

3 creamy egg baskets are ready to be eaten.

3 creamy egg baskets are ready to be eaten.

On a plate, they look gorgeous. They taste great. They were inexpensive to make but it is not apparent on the plate.

This is the bouquet of eggs that look good enough to eat.

This is the bouquet of eggs that look good enough to eat.

My son and husband loved the omelets made this way. They said this would even be a great tapas to serve at one of my fancy dinners. 

Served with a green salad, this was the perfect Sunday lunch and it cleared out my fridge of a few left-overs. 

The presentation is the key. If I had served this in an omelet, they would have found it to be quite bland. It’s important to remember that we eat first with our eyes. Please the eyes and the stomach will follow. 

Happy Monday to one and to all. 

An Ode to My Father.

I have a GREAT dad!
I have a dad that’s ultra smart, that has seen and done plenty of marvellous things in his lifetime.
He has been a chauffer to me, a nurse, a bank, a home renovation store, a techno store, a photographer, a pastry getter, a bookstore. I’m proud to be his daughter and to bear his name.

You’re a tremendous grandpa to Emilie (even if she’s a fan of the long shower), to Ben (even if he likes to get under your skin and to Jonathan (the latest bundle of joy in the family)

Richard, thank you for everything that you do, for every little consideration. Thank you for the trips, the drives, the dinners, the chats, etc. I love you daddio!

I love you dad! I would not change a thing about you!

You sexy thang!


I shared photos of the muffins in their baking tin but not of the muffins on a plate.
My apologies, my friends.


Have an amazing Saturday!

Sexy Muffin Top!

I have discussed muffins before. You might find this a repeat but it’s not. I recently acquired silicon muffin trays and have been joyfully happy ever since.

They are a snack that my family particularly enjoys. Case in point, I have made so many muffins in the past few weeks that I am out of sugar, dried fruit, whole wheat flour and of an assortment of grains. I have completely cleaned out my pantry.

I love this new muffin recipe I have found. I tweaked it to my tastes (vanilla, cinnamon). The recipe was originally developed by Solutions Gourmandes chef Marie-Michèle Garon(

Wet Ingredients

3 eggs

2/3 cups of vegetable oil (160 ml)

1/3 cup natural yogurt

1 tablespoon of vanilla

2 cups of dried fruits or dried fruit and nut combo (dark chocolate chips and dates, raisins, figs, cranberry, etc.) Dark chocolate and dates were such a hit, they disappeared in 1 day. If you mean to use dried berries, remember to incorporate the zest of one lemon and the juice of half a lemon to help enliven the taste.

Dry Ingredients

1 1/2 (375 ml) whole wheat flour

1 cup of old fashioned oats

2 cups seed mix (1/4 cup of flax seed, 1/4 sesame seed, 1/4 cup sunflower seed and 1/4 cup  pumpkin seed)

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 pinch of salt

2 pinches of cinnamon

3/4 cups of sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Whisk the wet ingredients

Blend the dry ingredients

Incorporate the wet and dry ingredients together

The Wet and Dry Mix

The Wet and Dry Mix

Drop a good portion of the mixture in silicon muffin trays

Overflowing muffin batter...for sexy muffin tops

Overflowing muffin batter…for sexy muffin tops

Bake for 30 minutes

Why the silicon muffin trays?

Because the muffins pop-out and clean up takes 2 seconds. It’s a game changer.

Why the Sexy Muffin Top Appellation?

Remember when in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of The Earth they encounter a forest deep underground with humongous mushrooms. I have had a visual of that scene ever since I was a little girl. I can recreate these humongous mushrooms with my artisanal muffins.

The silicon trays have small wholes which means the muffins are thin at the base. I fill the muffins to overflowing and thus ensure an uneven bulky muffin top. They are so sexy.

Prior to cooking...dressed and ready to bake

Prior to cooking…dressed and ready to bake

That’s how I bring sexy back! Take that Justin Timberlake.  🙂

Is that not HOT? LOL! see what I just did, they are hot because they are fresh out the oven and they are hot because they look good.

Is that not HOT? LOL! See what I just did, they are hot because they are fresh out the oven and they are hot because they look good.