Hades: A Review!

Hades, Book 2 of Alexandra Adornetto's Halo Trilogy

Hades, Book 2 of Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo Trilogy

As promised, I read book 2 in the Halo trilogy: Hades

Halo is the story of Bethany Church’s first visit to earth. In this book, she encounters a demon who becomes obsessed with owning her. She does not reciprocate.

In the subsequent novel, Bethany is kidnapped and brought to hell. And this is the story of her struggle to return to earth and her family and boyfriend’s struggle to bring her back as well.

I am a Christian, I believe there is a heaven and I believe there is a hell. But I also believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and would not try to force my opinions and beliefs on others.

I’ve always wondered what hell would be like. In this book, we get to really feel what hell is like for the demons, for the suffering souls and for our poor angelic Bethany. Jake, the demon, loves her but he does not know how to love. The book is FASCINATING. I loved it. I loved the displays of pride, gluttony, jealousy and pure evil. The author also makes us visit earth through Bethany’s projections (she is in hell but she projects her astral self on earth to bear silent witness to her family’s struggle to bring her back and to her boy-friend’s dismay at the loss of his true love) Her siblings, angels and rule-followers at heart, must learn to break the rules in order to save Bethany.

Some juicy tidbits in the book include a case of demonic possession, a battle of angels and demons in hell and an altercation with Lucifer, the world’s worst bad boy.

I suspect that there will be hell to pay when Heaven learns of the various transgressions committed by Gabriel and Ivy (the archangel and seraphim) This is the story in book 3. I can’t wait to read it. I suspect we will get to see Heaven. This one earns 5 stars in my book.

Bravo yet again Miss Adornetto! You can follow her on twitter as MissAllyGrace. Please pick up her books and let me know what you thought.

Once again, happy Monday my friends!


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