One Is Better Than Two


You must be thinking “Is She Crazy?”

Two is better than one! In what way is one better than two?

One is better than two in every way!!!!!

What am I referring to? Crutches, bitches! (Daniel Angrignon, an old pal from Tenrox would say, “1980 called and wants its expression back.” I have not seen him in a while. Holler!) I live in a time warp right now. My life has more in common with Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy than any modern show. It’s a bit of a hoot. So, by using an expression from the 1980’s. I’m being extremely futuristic.

As you know, my injury has been healing extremely slowly (snail-paced is not even an apt description) and I have been at home for at least 6 weeks. But there is progress! Now, I can walk with one crutch. This is new. It started yesterday. It isn’t graceful. It isn’t pretty. But, it IS less painful and I have ONE WHOLE HAND FREE.

I can hold a book, a snack bar in my hand while I walk. That might seem real simple for you with your crazy mobility but for me, it’s a breakthrough.

Think of how much I can do with ONE WHOLE HAND. It boggles my mind. I am happy. I feel like I’ve accomplished something huge. Like I’ve walked on the moon or some such thing. Being less mobile has been really hard for me and now, I’m a little more mobile.

So, picture this, I stand up on one crutch and wave you goodbye while I walk away.

Happy Tuesday, folks!



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