Natural Wieners?

Natural Weiners? I think not!

Natural Wieners? I think not!

People today are health conscious.

They want to know what they are feeding their loved ones.

The food industry does not intend to help us with this effort.

Full disclosure would be harmful to the bottom line.

Natural wieners seem great on paper.

The kids get to eat healthy hot-dogs. It’s a way to get our cake and eat it too. Or is it really?

I will preface this chronicle with this extra piece of information: I am allergic to nitrites. It causes nausea, acid reflux, respiratory difficulties as well as nasty headaches.

Natural Wiener’s actually contain nitrites, but they are hidden in the celery powder. It’s smart branding from the food industry. It’s guerilla sales strategies. Disguise something bad for you in something that seems good and healthy enough. But, for someone like me, it’s dangerous.

Food companies are more and more creative at labelling things. And it’s harder and harder for the mere consumer to uncover the truth about food unless they use biological foods and prepare everything from scratch. Very few people have the time for such efforts.

The only strategy I can safely adopt is one of complete avoidance with the cold-cut and sausage family.

I will also indicate that in Europe, the labelling laws are much tougher and that everybody wins. In Canada and the US, the food industry calls the shots. In Asia, you can just imagine how the labelling laws would be extremely flexible. But Asia is not a very big consumer of packaged foods.

In Canada and the US, we eat the most junk and we don’t even get to know how junky what we eat really is. The government lets these companies get away with it. But I think we have the responsibility to unmask the guilty and scream to high heaven. We have every right to know what we are eating.

The government should do something about that. It’s a lot more important than most issues being discussed in the senate these days and it would help reduce obesity or attack it head-on.

A government that would use this as a political argument would get my vote, hands down.

And if you’re not allergic to nitrites, have a real hot-dog. It’s chemical, it’s bad for you but there is a high fun factor. Allow yourself the real splurge. If you still want the natural hot-dogs, if you want your cake and eat-it too, soy dogs are the way to go. They are not evil.

If I’m going to splurge, then it would be a good old fashion Nathan’s Hot-Dog. The next day, get back to home-made foods. And please, let’s ask for more strenuous labelling laws, let’s discuss it regularly. Someone will eventually listen if we are loud enough about it. Write to your congressman, to Maple Leaf, to all the other manufacturers of prepared food and voice your concerns.

ps: I have such delicious road side memories as my family and I were driving through the North East US headed to my beloved Myrtle beach every year. We would have a Nathan’s hot-dog in New-York and grilled apples from Cracker Barrel.


This was cooksploratrice being frank about franks.


2 thoughts on “Natural Wieners?

  1. Taiwan is not a large consumer of pre-packaged foods, however they require all companies to label GMO foods to provide consumers with such critical information. This is only possible because they don’t have giant fertilizer companies holding hands with the equivalent of an FDA.

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