My Pool is Getting Installed Today at 3 PM

As of early June, my son and I typically spend our days in the pool together. But not this year. Last year, our pool expired. We decided to not resuscitate. We purchased a new pool in early May.

On those days where there are no pressing engagements, we throw the ball, we play shark, we play Marco Polo, etc. Greg is typically grilling a meat of some kind and Emilie is out playing with her friends. These are our usual summer weekends. This is La Dolce Vita for us. Or better yet, la Dolce Farniente. It’s my favorite type of Lazy Saturday and Lazy Sunday’s.

With my more limited mobility, we will not be able to carouse as much. My main contribution will be to sit on the pool steps while my son plays in the water. But I’ll be there to egg him on and to throw him the ball.

I know the weather has not been really warm and the water will be freezing but Benjamin is part polar bear so no worries. He’ll be the first in the water, for sure. Emilie prefers spa’s to pools and she will go swimming but she might wait a bit for the sun to warm the water. Emilie is part dolphin, she’s agile in the water but flourishes in warmer water.

We’ve had the boxes in our backyard for over a week. Mother Nature was not collaborating. It rained every day. we have been on standby for the installation every day. My family was getting pretty anxious.

The day you get your brand new pool is a pretty nifty day.It’s exciting. I promise to take a picture of the installation process so that you might share my joy.

Panache Pool from Club Piscine, I can't wait to see it.

Panache Pool from Club Piscine, I can’t wait to see it.

Do you know what help make this even better? A cold Corona on my swing set while I’m reading my latest Agatha Christie selection. (I’m on a visiting the classics twist: that’s my way of saying I’m trying to go to the public library more and thus reduce my entertainment expenditures.)

On a warm summer day, what’s your beer of choice?

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