I had promised to reveal pictures of the pool as it was getting installed. Better late than never, n’est-ce pas? The truth is, I needed to transfer the pictures from my iPad to my computer. I can’t even transfer all the pictures only the ones in the photo stream and when I try to send a picture to my photo stream, it asks me to send it to someone else. Sometimes, technology kills me. I’ll get the Producer to help me. I guess I have a case of Brain Freeze or would you call it Tech Freeze?

On the top picture, you can see the shell of the pool with workers in and out the pool.


Pool Installation Mid-Stream

Pool Installation Mid-Stream

Why did I select this pool model? Because of the brown columns. They look so elegant.


Pool Installation complete

Pool Installation complete

Once the landscaping work around the pool will be completed, I will adore my backyard.


The pool from another angle

Here is the pool half-way filled with water.

Ben is already looking forward to his first dip.


Get ready to dip your toes in this wonderful basin of water.

There she is, almost ready for her inaugural voyage.

The inaugural voyage occurred yesterday. Young Ben jumped in and immediately screamed “BRAIN FREEZE”

The next step in optimizing my yard would be for me to garden. But, I’ll be honest, the garden is filled with spiders and I do not particularly like the idea of playing in the soil filled with spider condominiums with spider gazebos and tennis courts. It’s literally Spiderville. Would you plant seeds in Spiderville? I’d need to deep freeze the bugs before I start playing in the soil. I’d need to be Ice Woman and rage a battle of Infinite cool into my small gardening area. I have thus far been an extremely benevolent landlord. Do you guys know how one gets rid of spiders? I want to plant something this year and I want to serve them their official eviction notice. Their eviction will hopefully be permanent. I would love to Spider Freeze them! If I Spider Freeze them, would they also scream “Brain Freeze“?

Happy Tuesday!



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