A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forest, Book Review

Shade of Vampire by Bella Forest.

Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.

I read a shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.

She wrote to me personally and asked me to write a review on Goodreads.

The process we followed was quite simple: she sent me a PDF which I uploaded into my Kobo. This was my first Kobo upload. Yahoo! I had issues with the resizing of the PDF so I read it in really really small characters.

Now as to the book itself. I would call it more of a novella because of its length.

It’s a great first foray into this universe she’s created. With her skillful prose, she’s created a rich tapestry of the world of the vampires that inhabit the Shade. The shade is a protected island of forever moonlight. It has its own vocabulary of lodgers, elites, harem, pavilion, etc. The vampires band together in the Shade to avoid the threat of the Shadow Hunters.

In this first book, we do not meet any actual shadow hunters. I am quite convinced that in book 2, Shade of Blood, the sworn enemies of the vampire race will surface. I fully intend on reading Shade of Blood.

Shade of Vampire focuses on Derek and Sofia. Derek awakens from a 400-year old slumber. He is the reluctant prince of the vampires. He is attracted to Sofia, a 17-year old brought to the Shade to be his slave. Sofia has a crush on her best-friend back home, Ben. Sofia hates the Shade at first but learns to trust Derek in time. This coming together is not rushed and is believable. Derek is an exception amongst his kind. Most vampires are evil and use their humans to slake their every desire and whim.

My favorite characters in the book are Lucas Novak, Derek’s power-hungry older sibling and Corrie, the witch. Lucas is a source of much distress to Sofia. He is evil, hungry and a real SOB. He’s therefore an absolute bad boy. The witch character is so strong, I hope we get to read more about her in future books.

I really was entranced by the Shade and by Bella Forrest’s bold prose. I’m looking forward to meeting the Shadow Hunters. I hope they’re fearful and scary.

I recommend Bella Forrest’s books to any fan of the fantastic genre and of the vampire genre and even romance novel aficionados.


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