10 000 visitors and going strong

Hello Folks, 

This blog project started off as a way for me to keep busy while the boys in my life were playing football and my daughter was with her friends. It was a pet project. I have been at times very verbose and at times, a little more silent. Initially, the blog was about food and only food and then it became about movies, books, tv shows, food, happiness, my travels, etc. It’s become a bit of a diary of sorts. Sometimes, I’m funny. Sometimes, I’m sad. But you’ve stuck by me. 

With this post, I want to thank you for the visits, the likes and the comments. It must be said, I love the comments most of all. 

The next major milestone will be 20 000 visitors. When will that be? It’s entirely up to you. whether you’re a frequent visitor or an infrequent one, please know that I cherish your visits. You are a great source of joy for me. 

So, to thank you, I will grant you one wish. Via a comment, give me a challenge topic to write about and I will do it. 

Blessed be! 

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! 谢谢! Tack! Danke! 



The floor is now open, you have the mike

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