My name is Marie-Claude Perras. I am a project manager in cubiculeland as well as a mother of 2. I am accident prone in life and in the kitchen. I did not study cooking. I like to read and write about food. I am Canadian and speak French, English and Spanish. I am in my thirties. I am also an avid reader. I am concerned about health, our planet, feeding my family properly and becoming a stellar cook.

Cooksploratrice hard at work in her kitchen


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Cooksploratrice,

    I was a little buzzy in the last weeks, but things have just been a little bit more easy now. I am still willing to come up with some guest posts. However, I have looked over and I did not find how to do so. Let me know!

  2. Always appreciate your comments and blog so I am sending you the Versatile Award.
    About the Versatile Blogger’s Award
    The Versatile Blogger’s Award is a way bloggers can support each other and recognize versatile, interesting and helpful blogs. There are a few rules you are expected to follow when you accept the award.

    Thank the person who nominates you and link back to them in your posts.
    Share seven things about yourself.
    Pass the award on to fifteen more bloggers that you enjoy.
    Contact the people you have nominated.

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