Hello! It’s been awhile.

On this slightly nippy late summer morning, I wanted to say hello.
I have not written in a while and I feel shy to write again.
Is this not weird?

Blogging is sometimes difficult and demanding mistress.
I aim to write every day and then, there are bursts, where I cannot bring myself to write.

So, for today, I will share a thought with you.

5 animals are able to regrow body parts.

Do you know who they are?

1. Mexican Axolotl
2. Deer
3. Sea Squirt
4. Sea Star
5. Flat Worm

Mexican Axolotl

Mexican Axolotl

If you’ve missed my musings, please comment on my post to help stimulate my creative juices.

If the response is warm enough, I’ll tell you everything you missed in the summer including a getaway to WakeField.

Ciao for now!


Interval Cycling

When I’m cycling and I feel the rush of wind in my helmet, I’m happy. I’m happy but not carefree. I’m always thinking of the next big hill in front of me. Hills are a source of slight terror for me. It’s all in my mind, I know. But my mind is a very fickle creature prone to concern and bouts of abject terror.

See, my thighs when I go up too many hills, they get filled with lactic acid. They become pure cement. It makes future hills appear impossible.

My physiotherapist recommended interval cycling. So 2 rides a week, I would go up and down a hill 10 times after a 10 minute warm up. I tried for the first time today and I went up and down the hill 7 times. I’m looking forward to seeing if on Sunday, I’ll be able to do 10 times and if any of this will help me navigate the hills better on tomorrow morning’s ride through the Oka National Park.

My mind is also always proud when I am able to go up a hill at 19 clicks an hour without faltering until the top. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It makes the ride down the hill that much sweeter.

How do you feel about hills and cycling?

Climbing, feel the burn. Steep effort ahead, great reward as well

Climbing, feel the burn. Steep effort ahead, great reward as well

New-Orleans in my Own Back-Yard? It is possible if you visit Café Mardi Gras in the Village.

Let me start this off with a confession.

I love to read about vampires and werewolves. I’ve read all of the Anne Rice Novels, the Sherrilyn Kennyon books as well as Charlaine Harris. Both fictitious universes take place in and around New-Orleans. I absolutely must visit New-Orleans, it is a DREAM of mine. The swamps, the quarter, the people, the music, the rich historical heritage of voodoo, the humidity, the heat, it all seems wonderful.

Some words sound particularly pleasing to my ears: crawfish, beignets, po’boys, chicory coffee, etc.

I was able to visit New-Orleans from Montreal. I was able to live my dream with my taste buds thanks to Café Mardi-Gras. My taste buds flew there while my feet were firmly rooted in Montreal’s Village at the Corner of Papineau and Sainte-Catherine at a charming restaurant called Café Mardi Gras.

Café Mardi Gras, a little slice of New-Orleans directly in Montreal

Café Mardi Gras, a little slice of New-Orleans directly in Montreal

Café Mardi Gras is located at 1684 Ste-Catherine East, Montreal, Qc, H2L 2J4. They have a website: http://www.cafemardigras.ca

The Café Mardi Gras flag

The Café Mardi Gras flag

The first thing I want to say is how cheerful everyone was. The chef was dancing and singing. He was working in a virtual inferno and enjoying every minute. I do not remember his name but I remember his smile and his steps. The owner, René, was also extremely friendly and hospitable.

A nice Open kitchen, friendly staff and NOLA beads everywhere make this a magical place to visit

A nice Open kitchen, friendly staff and NOLA beads everywhere make this a magical place to visit. See the happy chef laboring away. 

The level of courtesy and friendliness guarantees I will come back for seconds and thirds. This will most likely become a classic restaurant for the producer and I.

We chose to sit inside because we had been in the sun all day but Café Mardi-Gras has a lovely terrace.

The view from the terrace

The view from the terrace

Now let’s talk ambiance. There was music (cheerful music, not too loud.) The menu was written with chalk on black boards. There are Mardi-Gras beads on the ceiling and in the centerpiece of the table as well.

Mardi Gras Mask and Beads as a Center Piece

Mardi Gras Mask and Beads as a Center Piece

It’s a casual atmosphere typical of “Let the Bon Temps roule” The fact that the restaurant is in the Village also adds to the atmosphere. It’s laid-back, open-minded, fragrant, inviting.

For starters, we ordered fried okra. It was light and delicate tasting.

Fried Okra, A delight

Fried Okra, A delight

We shared the Taster’s platter. At 20$, it’s a steal. You get a portion of Crawfish Étouffée, Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole. The crawfish étouffée was my favorite, the jambalaya was the Producer’s favorite.  I would have liked to have a bit more crawfish in the crawfish étouffée. The flavors were bold yet aromatic and harmonious. It was perfect. I loved every mouthful.

The Taster's Platter

The Taster’s Platter

For drinks, I had a white beer “Dominus Vobiscum” and the Producer had a strong beer “O’Born Evil”. My white beer tasted of bananas (I prefer a more citrusy tasting white beer) while the Producer’s beer was quite good.

O'born Evil, Strong and manly beer

O’born Evil, Strong and manly beer

Dominus Vobiscum, Banana Tasting White Beer, Bleh!

Dominus Vobiscum, Banana Tasting White Beer, Bleh!

For desert, we had beignets. WOW! Delicious. We had gone on a long bike ride during the day so the desert was an indulgence we could afford. I also had the chicory coffee which I ordered iced, I would have preferred it warm but that’s because I don’t like iced coffee that much.

Beignets and Chicory Coffee, hmm good!

Beignets and Chicory Coffee, hmm good!

When we come back to Café Mardi-Gras, we know what we want to order: crawfish étouffée for me and jambalaya for the Producer. We will order two “O’Born Evil” beers to go with that. Desert will be beignets and the coffee.

Thank you René for a wonderful evening at Café Mardi-Gras.

Thank you René for a great night in New-Orleans without my passport.

Thank you René for a great night in New-Orleans from the comfort of my own city: Montreal. I will see you again soon! It’s a PROMISE! 

Happy Canada Day!


You will find us on the route verte (the transcanadian bike path) all summer.
Since I am still limping, it feels marvellous to ride and to feel the wind in my bike helmet.
I have a new distance calculator on my bike and will be able to track my mileage.

I will advise you of the distances travelled.

Happy Canada Day to all.


The open road calls. Ciao for now!

My New Ride

As a newly mobile person, I have replaced my wheelchair by a two-wheeler.
Is she not the prettiest thing you ever did see?


Now, all I need to do is battle the fear and hop on.

Wish me luck.

10 000 visitors and going strong

Hello Folks, 

This blog project started off as a way for me to keep busy while the boys in my life were playing football and my daughter was with her friends. It was a pet project. I have been at times very verbose and at times, a little more silent. Initially, the blog was about food and only food and then it became about movies, books, tv shows, food, happiness, my travels, etc. It’s become a bit of a diary of sorts. Sometimes, I’m funny. Sometimes, I’m sad. But you’ve stuck by me. 

With this post, I want to thank you for the visits, the likes and the comments. It must be said, I love the comments most of all. 

The next major milestone will be 20 000 visitors. When will that be? It’s entirely up to you. whether you’re a frequent visitor or an infrequent one, please know that I cherish your visits. You are a great source of joy for me. 

So, to thank you, I will grant you one wish. Via a comment, give me a challenge topic to write about and I will do it. 

Blessed be! 

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! 谢谢! Tack! Danke! 


An Ode to My Father.

I have a GREAT dad!
I have a dad that’s ultra smart, that has seen and done plenty of marvellous things in his lifetime.
He has been a chauffer to me, a nurse, a bank, a home renovation store, a techno store, a photographer, a pastry getter, a bookstore. I’m proud to be his daughter and to bear his name.

You’re a tremendous grandpa to Emilie (even if she’s a fan of the long shower), to Ben (even if he likes to get under your skin and to Jonathan (the latest bundle of joy in the family)

Richard, thank you for everything that you do, for every little consideration. Thank you for the trips, the drives, the dinners, the chats, etc. I love you daddio!

I love you dad! I would not change a thing about you!