Interval Cycling

When I’m cycling and I feel the rush of wind in my helmet, I’m happy. I’m happy but not carefree. I’m always thinking of the next big hill in front of me. Hills are a source of slight terror for me. It’s all in my mind, I know. But my mind is a very fickle creature prone to concern and bouts of abject terror.

See, my thighs when I go up too many hills, they get filled with lactic acid. They become pure cement. It makes future hills appear impossible.

My physiotherapist recommended interval cycling. So 2 rides a week, I would go up and down a hill 10 times after a 10 minute warm up. I tried for the first time today and I went up and down the hill 7 times. I’m looking forward to seeing if on Sunday, I’ll be able to do 10 times and if any of this will help me navigate the hills better on tomorrow morning’s ride through the Oka National Park.

My mind is also always proud when I am able to go up a hill at 19 clicks an hour without faltering until the top. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It makes the ride down the hill that much sweeter.

How do you feel about hills and cycling?

Climbing, feel the burn. Steep effort ahead, great reward as well

Climbing, feel the burn. Steep effort ahead, great reward as well


Happy Canada Day!


You will find us on the route verte (the transcanadian bike path) all summer.
Since I am still limping, it feels marvellous to ride and to feel the wind in my bike helmet.
I have a new distance calculator on my bike and will be able to track my mileage.

I will advise you of the distances travelled.

Happy Canada Day to all.


The open road calls. Ciao for now!

My New Ride

As a newly mobile person, I have replaced my wheelchair by a two-wheeler.
Is she not the prettiest thing you ever did see?


Now, all I need to do is battle the fear and hop on.

Wish me luck.