Hello! It’s been awhile.

On this slightly nippy late summer morning, I wanted to say hello.
I have not written in a while and I feel shy to write again.
Is this not weird?

Blogging is sometimes difficult and demanding mistress.
I aim to write every day and then, there are bursts, where I cannot bring myself to write.

So, for today, I will share a thought with you.

5 animals are able to regrow body parts.

Do you know who they are?

1. Mexican Axolotl
2. Deer
3. Sea Squirt
4. Sea Star
5. Flat Worm

Mexican Axolotl

Mexican Axolotl

If you’ve missed my musings, please comment on my post to help stimulate my creative juices.

If the response is warm enough, I’ll tell you everything you missed in the summer including a getaway to WakeField.

Ciao for now!