A family hike to Ausable Chasm


When I was young, we travelled to Myrtle Beach every year and we would stop in Lake George or Lake Placid on our way home. One year, we stopped in Ausable Chasm in keeseeville. I had been impressed by the canyon, the walkways and the wooden bridges that would crisscross the gorge.

I decided to bring my own kids there for a day trip with The Producer. We planned to eat a big American breakfast which was accomplished in Plattsburgh at Perkins restaurant. We felt heavy and bloated after that meal. But, we wanted the experience and we got it.

By the time we got to the chasm, it was eleven am. The sun hit us full blast. Now, you all know I have a family of polar bears i.e. the sun is not always our friend as a stroke of sunshine sometimes means a bad case of heat stroke soon after exposure.


We walked the Inner Sanctum Trail followed by a foray into the Dry Chasm as well as a portion of the rim walk. This was supposed to be very demanding and long. By 2 pm, we had done it all. The scenery remained gorgeous but everything felt much smaller. It felt exactly like one does after revisiting your elementary school. Something that had struck you as larger than life suddenly appears so small.


The whole family enjoyed the day trip but we were slightly disappointed with how quickly we covered the grounds. There is more to see and do in our own national parks than at Ausable Chasm.

The one lasting souvenir was my son and I suffering from heat stroke on the drive back home. As polar bears, we should stay inside during the deadly hours of 11 am to 3 pm during the warmest summer days. Do you think we will listen to our own advice? Of course not.

I saw two kids with a great haircut at the Chasm and The Producer used his barber skills on baby boy bear to mimic the style. What do you think? I love the clean-cut mohawk look.

Happy Monday my friends.
Ps: i visited Manhattan with the kids last week, wait for that blog entry. It should be interesting. It seems the Producer failed to share the photos from the trip with me so I will wait until I have the pictures before I write about our visit to the City that never sleeps with baby girl shopaholic bear.