Interval Cycling

When I’m cycling and I feel the rush of wind in my helmet, I’m happy. I’m happy but not carefree. I’m always thinking of the next big hill in front of me. Hills are a source of slight terror for me. It’s all in my mind, I know. But my mind is a very fickle creature prone to concern and bouts of abject terror.

See, my thighs when I go up too many hills, they get filled with lactic acid. They become pure cement. It makes future hills appear impossible.

My physiotherapist recommended interval cycling. So 2 rides a week, I would go up and down a hill 10 times after a 10 minute warm up. I tried for the first time today and I went up and down the hill 7 times. I’m looking forward to seeing if on Sunday, I’ll be able to do 10 times and if any of this will help me navigate the hills better on tomorrow morning’s ride through the Oka National Park.

My mind is also always proud when I am able to go up a hill at 19 clicks an hour without faltering until the top. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It makes the ride down the hill that much sweeter.

How do you feel about hills and cycling?

Climbing, feel the burn. Steep effort ahead, great reward as well

Climbing, feel the burn. Steep effort ahead, great reward as well


My New Ride

As a newly mobile person, I have replaced my wheelchair by a two-wheeler.
Is she not the prettiest thing you ever did see?


Now, all I need to do is battle the fear and hop on.

Wish me luck.

Explosions rock finish of Boston Marathon; 2 killed and at least 23 hurt, police say

Explosions rock finish of Boston Marathon; 2 killed and at least 23 hurt, police say.

My heart and thoughts go out to all of the marathon racers. Hopefully, you got home safely. This is a very sad ending to a beautiful sports event.

Second karate ribbon yippee!

Every Tuesday and Thursday night’s, the cooksploratrice household goes to karate. Tonight, I got to strangle my husband. And he got to strangle me. It was a great workout with plenty of pushups, burpies, jumping jacks and jumping kicks.

What I am most proud of is the progress we have made in less than a month. And the teachers were nice enough to recognize it. I was awarded my second ribbon towards my white yellow belt. I now have the kata ribbon as well as the technique ribbon. I need the discipline one and the ready for the exam belt to take the white yellow belt exam.

I love the fact that I have a target that is not to lose X quantity of pounds but rather to earn a black belt for myself. It is a lot more fun than counting calories.


And ladies, doing karate as a couple is great therapy. You really get to kick his ass. And then you get to laugh about it together.

Tell me. Which activities do you do as a couple? Do you take courses together? Let us discuss.

Ps: if you see me down the hall, it is totally ok to congratulate me on my second ribbon. I am very proud.
Ps2: Greg, aka the producer, was awarded the kata ribbon tonight and he should be proud, it is well deserved.

I Love the New Me!

I started Karate two weeks ago. Every Tuesday, the course is with Mr. Samuel. He’s very skillful and he makes us work very hard in a playful environment. We had to do 100 sumo squat jumps. Feel the burn! I feel the burn so much this morning that it hurts a little to sit.

However, I look in the mirror and I’m happy with my new muscle definition. I don’t mind suffering as much when the fruits of my labor are so readily apparent.

Thank you Mr. Samuel for the push ups, the squats and everything else. I love the new me…leaner, more fit and much happier.

Maintaining your weight and writing a food blog, natural frenemies


When I started blogging,  I got into pastry. I loved to bake cookies.

And I ate what I baked in order to provide a review.

I ate for the pleasure of eating and not only for sustenance.

You can get away with that sometimes but not all the time.

The end result: an excuse to go shopping but not in the positive sense.

I was also so focused on writing which also means staying seated. it’s no excuse but I would basically: work, blog, play with the kids, watch TV, sleep and do it all over again. Maybe, some days, I would walk the dog.

So the bulge kept piling on and on and on.

I’m writing this so I will not forget how I feel when I stop moving. I feel so tired. The elevators seem like God’s greatest invention. When I do move, I have more energy and I am less stressed.

I went for a jog tonight. A 4K loop. My face is redder than a hothouse tomato (a reference to food, it fits with my blog) I smell like a dead skunk. (a reference to an animal that might be food in some weird corners of the Bible belt, it fits with my blog) I did not run like a gazelle. I huffed and I puffed …but I did not blow your house down.

Hot House Tomato

My plan will be to workout a little each day. My blog will be my diary for my workouts. I challenge myself to a 10K run by September…say the Army run. I will sign up for 5K runs along the way. Anybody with me?

ps: I’ll also talk about the nice veggies and white meat that I cook. I’ll focus on more savory lean foods and less on slowly cooked comfort foods. It’s fun for a while but it’s not ideal for the silhouette.

Vision of the Army Run Race

But first, a shower is a must. Catch you on the other side, when I’ll be less smelly and more rosy instead of red.

A much needed shower for a stinker